Jewisher was created by theologian Christian Sutter. While exploring Swiss roots of, his own family, the Sutter family the secret of Carl Lutz was exposed. Carl Lutz was a Swiss war hero that rescued over 60,000 German Jewish from Nazi Germany. The Sutter family is from the same canton as Appenzeller Carl Lutz.

The Jewisher website was partial to a woman’s fashion movement in the United States. During the time of the initial creation of the Jewisher website women of the Jewish community had not truly expressed themselves as fashionistas online. Today, the culture of American Jewish women has evolved to support fashion industry hopefuls rising out of the Jewish Community. The website built for theology purposes answered the call of the following and was converted into a beauty pageant for Jewish women. So not to segregate, website developer Christian Sutter created the Pageant For Peace to include men, women, and various religions.

“Always persist when you follow your passion. Don’t give up when you can rescue your dreams with continued attempts at greatness.”

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