Miss Jewisher Pageant Begins Again

The Jewisher Pageant is back!


The Jewisher Pageant began in a time that would provide for a movement in the Jewish women’s community. The vanity page, inspired from previous forum, grew into a beauty pageant. Those that took part in the Jewisher tribe have done well with their continued journey into the world. Today is a very special day for the Jewisher tribe! It’s time to restart the Miss Jewisher Pageant! The virtue that comes with satisfaction in creating a channel geared toward inspiring young ladies of the Jewish community to take pride in modesty, faith, and offer religious education is back! Those whom enter the pageant are offered the potential at being reviewed for publication on Jewisher.com! There’s a new addition to Jewisher in the Steemit blog page! The Steemit blog page represents a nuance in social media that offers the potential of crypto currency rewards! The power of upvotes may result in curations earned when post reprints by Steempress plugin for WordPress receive upvotes. Those that enter into the pageant must agree that the allowance of syndication of such articles provides the potential for the Jewisher Steemit to curate crypto currency. Whereas, those entering must agree to allow for the potential to exist where Steemit offers preservation of blog articles released by Jewisher.com. Those that participate can provide email offering their permissions for limited license to Jewisher publication that includes freedom from liability of infringement claims when upvotes result in curation on the Steemit websites. Third party content provided by pageant entries will be syndicated by Jewisher.com in expectancy for the potential curation to exist on Steemit and agree that curations rewarded to @Jewisher are to be awarded in full to the website developer or future entity that may assume the Jewisher website. Curation potential on Steemit is only active for the first eight days of the post. Whereas, curations potential is on a large scale of potential dependent on upvoters STEEM Power and percentage upvote placed upon posts. It’s advised to provide links to personal and professional social media when filing an application to participate in the Miss Jewisher online beauty pageant. Those entering may participate from anywhere in the world, those that enter must be female, those that enter must be of the tribes in the Jewish faith. For those within the audience reviewing content found generated by Jewisher.com there is a pageant for both men and ladies with peace causes in PageantForPeace.com. The website designer creating Jewisher and Pageant for Peace is Christian Sutter. The Pageant for Peace is similar to the Miss Jewisher pageant. In the case of the requirement for entry all one requires to request to enter the Pageant For Peace is their support for an existing peace cause. The Jewisher Pageant asks those interested in participating three questions. One question is related to Judaism. The other two questions are at random selection by creation of website developer. Those whom participate shall be offered in independent article when selected, a collage graphic shall be created, and accepted entries shall be published on Jewisher.com. The winners shall be announced by year of entry for example; The winner of Miss Jewisher 5776 overall Esther dollar, and the winner of the pageant in the category of Miss Jewisher Tznius 5776 Chana Binderman. The Pageant is open for ladies aged 18 and over. In the case of those aged 13-17 wishing to join the pageant. A request to furnish information for a phone interview with parental entity offering approval is required to ensure publications full scope of expectancy is understood by parent and or legal guardian. Jewisher has been the host of a dedication for a Swiss war hero in Carl Lutz of the glass house whom assisted in the rescue of approximately 88.8% of the German Jewish population to survive Nazi Germany. The information kept secret has been revealed and Carl Lutz story has been made aware to the followers of the Jewisher Tribe. The Swiss supporter was detached in his action and likely did so solely to protect people. The neutral nation of Switzerland provides historic events offering German war planes were shot down while US war planes were grounded. While, the nation of Switzerland maintained a neutral state. Switzerland’s free people elected to engage in the risk associated with saving German Jews from Nazi Germany. The history of the Swiss war heroes of Nazi Germany is one that has taken generations to be told. As those whom lived to fight in Hitler’s day there are revelations coming to those whom uncover the inheritance of generations past. Among these valuable historic evidences lay the evidence that Swiss sympathizers existed in Appenzell Switzerland. Evidence also reports that the heroics of the Carl Lutz has resulted in contribution to the preservation of German Jewish families in America living among the USA today. It is request that the Jewisher Tribe remember this story for telling when rising from adversities greatest threat to human kind. The Nazi Germans initiative threatened the Royal families as well as the Jewish people. Today, the internet provides the ability to preserve the history of many communities. Among the world of internet tribes exists the early pioneers of Jewisher.com. It is an honor to be able to tell the story of the up and coming fashionista’s in the Jewish world.

Miss Jewisher Tiznus!

Miss Jewisher Plus!

“I have not forgotten the war my grandfather fought. I have searched for the answers of riddles that were created by the wars propagation. Among the stories of truth my finding of Carl Lutz made perfect reason for a dedication page. To sustain the Jewisher pageant, and provide the community with a fashionable form of media, creates cross threads of unique key words that result in search engine optimization. For all those that come to find the truth of Carl Lutz. Expect there to be more truth in the findings on Jewisher.com. When coming to understand people they become less fearsome. The reality of our story is always going to be found from our own perspective. When telling the story of others it’s within my set of objectives to place them on a pedestal. If it was the French Royal Families balcony and their moment in the sunlight before the people of France. That’s that moment I like to project in my mind when concluding an article is ready for publication. I feel that those whom enter the contest should be provided with excellent media hosting an inviting article which various audiences may find appealing.”
Models may re enter their application for the pageant should they have already been published by Jewisher.com.